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Apply stickers

How to apply stickers

– whether it be on your car, caravan, motor bike, bike etc.

The optimal temperature for application is a minimum of 16°C – higher temperatures are also fine. A high temperature ensures the optimal adherence.

The surface should be clean, smooth and dry to ensure the best fixation when applying your stickers.

Use the supplied 3M Surface Preparation Cleaner Serviette to achieve an entirely wax and grease-free surface. Alternatively you can use isopropyl alcohol, silicone or wax degreaser – this does not damage the paintwork on a car or motorcycle.

It is advisable to start off with one of the small stickers in a discreet place to get the feel of it.

All our stickers have a size that you can easily manage on your own when applying them.

Use sufficient pressure when applying the stickers. Remove the paper from the back of the sticker and position the sticker. Start at the centre of the sticker and smooth out towards the edge with the supplied plastic tool.

Any air bubbles can easily be removed by applying thumb pressure at the centre of the bubble and smoothing out the air towards the edge.

Use a Stanley knife to cut the sticker into shape, if necessary.

To avoid any lifting edges, smoothing the edges of the stickers is important. This should be done with an even pressure a few minutes after applying.

N.B. According to Danish law it is prohibited to apply anything on your car that prevents a perfect vision, i.e. covering up your windows. However, the side windows for back seat passengers are exempt. Furthermore, it is not allowed to cover up your lights and turning signals. Check out the legislation in your own country before decorating your car.