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Why not spice things up?JonasFish

This was what Jonas Hallberg thought to himself as he had just decided to buy a new car. He found himself considering if he should pick either the black, the white or the silver grey model. This felt way too boring!

Help from designer friends

Danish Jonas Hallberg started designing stickers for cars, in close co-operation with some of his designer friends.

He works as an independent event planner, among others for one of Denmark’s best-known musical festivals, the Skanderborg Festival.

He ended up decorating his own car with orange fish swimming against the current of boring grey fish.

Stickers for any kind of outdoor use

Suddenly, people started asking him where they could buy the car stickers, and the webshop was established in 2012.

Today, the business offers not only high quality designer stickers for cars, but also stickers for caravans and motorcycles, stickers for skateboards, scooters, bikes and helmets. Well, actually stickers for any kind of outdoor use, as they are weather resistant and come with a 3 year warranty. They are printed on high quality foil by 3M, known for their Post-its.

The fish design is still among the numerous designs.

Honestly, I am not in it for the money

“It is all about the joy of expressing yourself. No matter the size of the decoration, if they are stuck on an entire car or a helmet. It is about personalizing your gear. And it is about making the world a little happier,” says Jonas Hallberg. ”Honestly, I am not in it for the money.”